We were happy to help out this new family with two young children as they moved into their new home, having lost their furniture to their previous residence. With her new born and two year old child, we wanted to make things as easy as possible for this young mother, and thankfully, our services ensured these young children had the right living space to grow up in. Some of the furniture like couch, two beds, and other household goods were kindly donated from Bary and Adrian, who are moving out of their current home in Surrey. Thanks to them and other donations we were able to help this family, as well as keep the furniture from going to the landfill!

This was all possible through Options Community Services, as they connected us with this family and were apart of welcoming this family into their new home.

Our crew and the family in question after we delivered and set up the furniture.
Our truck was full with very nice furniture to relocate into the transitioning mother’s home. Thanks again to Bary and Adrien and other families who donated their furniture.